Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Don't Need A Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Recently, on Arutz Sheva,  a writer opined about possible similarities between the demonstrations in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and so on, and speculated whether the wave of anti-government forces would sweep out Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

A better analogy would be Wisconsin.

Thousands of peaceful demonstrators surround the Capitol Building in Madison.
Thousands of Libyans are protesting against Qaddafi's regime.

They are asking for the same things, jobs and financial security.

We see the same situation with all of the major protests being covered in the Media.
In all cases, the authorities, including Republican Governor Walker in Wisconsin, refused to talk to the demonstrators.
Change is not just sweeping the Middle East, the cry for change is here in the U.S., as well.

Governor Walker has threatened to bring in the National Guard.

Although there are many differences in the demographics, political systems, religious beliefs, and so on, the basic demand is Jobs and financial security.

These are issues that will always be with us.
In the past we made tremendous strides in advancing and protecting the human rights of workers.

Recently President Obama said, "It’s a disgrace that veterans should be homeless."

It’s a disgrace that children are homeless, as well, and single mothers and young people.
And people who can't find work when 20 million Americans are unemployed.
A Republican Congresswoman said on CNN last night  "People need to get used to it.
If they have troubles, and they think there is a social safety net, its not going to be there, because there is going to be less jobs, and fewer taxpayers.”
This is something I have discussed, that the politicians are already visualizing a country, this country, as having less employment and fewer opportunities in the future.

I have heard Chavez disgusting diatribes against the Jewish people,
So personally, I would love to see him overthrown, but there's no real analogy with the Chavez regime and the middle-east uprisings.