Thursday, December 24, 2015

Is Ted Cruz the messiah?

Today, Senator Cruz addressed the controversy over his father's  statement that he, Senator Cruz was the anointed one, and that he had been sent to deliver humanity from the evil of the anti-Christ who had brutally subjected  America and the world to such horrifying perverted teachings as nonviolence to gays or other people who are different,
"My Son will deliver Christians . and Jews from the foul grip of Obama!
Oops! I mean the Black  Anti-Christ."
You could see Cruz Jr. in the back of the room, looking pensive
Later he spoke to reporters.
Senator, would you care to clarify some of your father's comment?"
"Such as?" he said, throwing his best impression of the look that Donald gives when he can't think of anything to say, when asked a "Gotcha" question like, "who does your hair?"
Dan Rather  stood up, "Senator,Your father, in a taped interview said that you are the Messiah. What is your response to that."
"My response to that is f**k you, old man..
Muslims are killing thousands of innocent women and children, every day,, and all you want to talk about is one old man's senility.
If that's what it is.
I say, let's get back to  real issues, like cutting Social Security benefits and food stamps.".

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Telling the Truth

The following message is not PC.

No one has thought of this strategy to rid the world of Islam.
Tell the truth:
 Islam is a fake religion.
There never was an Allah doing anything,, It's an invention made up by a group of ancient hucksters.
There has never been a REAL Prophet named mohammed.

He didn't exist, certainly not as described by the Quran.
How do we knows this,.. how do we know that there is no muslim god on high encouraging Arabs to kill themselves or innocent people?
It's a stupefying  that the people  that are suffering the most from this unfortunate religion don't somehow snap and say, "Wait a minute..Allah put me on earth to murder innocent people that have a normal amount of skepticism?"
The only thing that Allah and Islam have accomplished is that they have been able to keep so many individuals from progressing and enjoying life.
So, let's try this, 1,2,3, There is no Allah, There never was a prophet named Mohammed.
We were not put on earth to murder innocent people and women weren't created  so that we can have the sex life when we are dead that was not allowed while we are alive.

Zamir Etzioni

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trump Falls Behind Dr. Carson in Polls Calls Dr. Carson "A loser".

It appears that Trump is falling by the wayside as he takes a thumping in the polls from Dr. Carson.
The soft spoken Doctor said this morning, "I think voters want to hear about policy, about issues.
All we really know about Mr. Trump is that he's involved in a...romance..with himself."
" He's a loser." Responded Trump.
"He has separated Siamese twins. Big deal. I could do that, easily. He's a loser. I inherited more money than Carson has made  in his whole life. !00 years ago Carson would have been picking cotton or shining my shoes. He puts on this humility bit., like people should vote for him because he's smart and has had to earn his money.
He acts like he's asleep. He has a low energy level. In short LOSER."
When asked about the trouncing he's taking from Carson Trump responded,
"I could pay every one of his supporters to drop him, and they would, because I am very, very rich..
Polls don't mean a thing. This guy could not make America great.Here's all you need to know about Carson.  Poorer than me, low energy, He has had to work all his life, I've never worked, My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars, what did Carson's father do for him?
People don't want a person who made his own money.
I don't know if I've said this, but Carson's a loser. Big time."

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I'm a Bigger TV star than Megyn Kelly, Ronald Reagan and Huckabee Together

Recently Trump  announced that he would spell out his policies as President.
"On day one, I will obliterate ISIS."
A reporter asked "How?"
"That's a gotcha question from a loser. I don't waste my time with those kind of questions."
He continued, "I'm going to make America great again. I can't tell you how because I don't want my opponents to know my strategy."
A female reporter asked if he regretted attacking M egan Kelly and Carly Fiorina.
His face reddened and he said, "Are you having your period? Just kidding, you may be having hot flashes, or blood coming from, you know where. I cherish women, even if they're dogs or pigs or slobs on their period.. Next!"
A reporter asked, "You recently compared yourself to Reagan, how are you like Reagan?"
Trump adjusted his tie and said. "We were both stars on television. Actually I'm more qualified than Reagan. He just hosted a show, he was on the screen for 5 minutes tops.I was the star of my show, it was all about me,
Believe me, Reagan would have sold his kids to get the ratings I got. He would have sold them, especially the older one, who really wasn't his kid, he was adopted.
huckabee was a TV star too.
His ratings were crap. He reminds you of that jerk that cried on tv after being exposed as a fake..Swaggert."
He was asked if there were any biblical quotes he liked "Of course. That one that goes, 'do unto others before they do unto you', I like that one. I think Jesus would have done really well on TV and been a great presidential candidate..
I would have financed his campaign, I'm rich, you know. But he would have to shave and wear more masculine clothing. The American people won't elect a hippie. he would have to tone down some of that liberal BS, but I could teach him whatever he needed to know. He knows the messiah business, but I know politics."

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Trump and Palin Dream Ticket

Donald Trump is talking to Sarah Palin tonight on the One America News network, Ms. Palin announced today on her Facebook page. Hmm, might this be an important meeting of the maverick minds? Is it possible Trump could even sound out Palin on the prospect of running as his VP?

We can’t predict things will go that far. But it’s clear The Donald and Mama Grizzly are mutual fans. They share a disdain for the GOP establishment and the mainstream media. Both are born performers with fervent political bases.

“She really is somebody who knows what’s happening and she’s a special person,” Mr. Trump said of Palin during a talk radio appearance last month.

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One America News Network is a small conservative cable/digital news outlet that’s been around since 2013. Among its offerings is a political show called “On Point” that currently features Palin as a weekday host.

Trump’s a great get for Palin in her journalistic role, of course. He’s the hugest story in politics at the moment and sure to draw attention and ratings. (Whatever happened to her "Amazing America" series, anyway?)

Palin is also supposed to separately interview Jeb Bush, by the way. Maybe Scott Walker will be next.

For Trump, the interview highlights his campaign style. Not for him the diner-to-diner slog through New Hampshire, à la Bernie Sanders. His idea of the campaign trail is the ride from Trump Tower to a New York sound studio. His many, many interviews have made him inescapable on the airwaves. And they’ve allowed him to sleep in his own bed.

Even his highly visible trips, such as his appearance at the Iowa State Fair with his own copter, have been day excursions. You can do that when your primary mode of transport is a personal Boeing.

“Trump has run a political campaign essentially without ever having left home,” writes Philip Bump at The Washington Post’s Fix political blog.

And the fact is that Trump and Palin have long had a “political love affair," in the words of CNN. That’s what lends some credence to the occasional chatter that if Trump actually wins, Palin might ride along as his VP nominee.

New York, Alaska. Times Square, fresh air. That’s old school geographical ticket balance.

Palin’s backed Trump’s immigration proposals as “common sense." When Trump got in trouble for declining to recognize Sen. John McCain as a hero, due to the fact he was shot and imprisoned by the North Vietnamese, Palin tried to serve as a peacemaker. While her old running mate McCain had dedicated his life to serving his country, Trump was “a hero in another arena," she said.

Trump’s called her a “strong person” and said he’d love to have her serve in his Cabinet. He’s also hired a former Palin aide as his national political director.

Asked directly, Palin has said she’d leave the door open to running as Trump’s VP. But really, would she put herself through that again? (That is, assuming Trump wins the nomination.) A second tour as VP nominee seems unlikely, given the difficulties Palin experienced the first time around

By Peter Grier, Staff writer

Friday, July 03, 2015

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Difference between a Gangster and a Bum

This is a Gangster

This is a bum

Any questions?