Thursday, December 24, 2015

Is Ted Cruz the messiah?

Today, Senator Cruz addressed the controversy over his father's  statement that he, Senator Cruz was the anointed one, and that he had been sent to deliver humanity from the evil of the anti-Christ who had brutally subjected  America and the world to such horrifying perverted teachings as nonviolence to gays or other people who are different,
"My Son will deliver Christians . and Jews from the foul grip of Obama!
Oops! I mean the Black  Anti-Christ."
You could see Cruz Jr. in the back of the room, looking pensive
Later he spoke to reporters.
Senator, would you care to clarify some of your father's comment?"
"Such as?" he said, throwing his best impression of the look that Donald gives when he can't think of anything to say, when asked a "Gotcha" question like, "who does your hair?"
Dan Rather  stood up, "Senator,Your father, in a taped interview said that you are the Messiah. What is your response to that."
"My response to that is f**k you, old man..
Muslims are killing thousands of innocent women and children, every day,, and all you want to talk about is one old man's senility.
If that's what it is.
I say, let's get back to  real issues, like cutting Social Security benefits and food stamps.".

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