Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trump Falls Behind Dr. Carson in Polls Calls Dr. Carson "A loser".

It appears that Trump is falling by the wayside as he takes a thumping in the polls from Dr. Carson.
The soft spoken Doctor said this morning, "I think voters want to hear about policy, about issues.
All we really know about Mr. Trump is that he's involved in a...romance..with himself."
" He's a loser." Responded Trump.
"He has separated Siamese twins. Big deal. I could do that, easily. He's a loser. I inherited more money than Carson has made  in his whole life. !00 years ago Carson would have been picking cotton or shining my shoes. He puts on this humility bit., like people should vote for him because he's smart and has had to earn his money.
He acts like he's asleep. He has a low energy level. In short LOSER."
When asked about the trouncing he's taking from Carson Trump responded,
"I could pay every one of his supporters to drop him, and they would, because I am very, very rich..
Polls don't mean a thing. This guy could not make America great.Here's all you need to know about Carson.  Poorer than me, low energy, He has had to work all his life, I've never worked, My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars, what did Carson's father do for him?
People don't want a person who made his own money.
I don't know if I've said this, but Carson's a loser. Big time."