Sunday, April 04, 2010

Nancy Grace, Judge, Jury, Executioner

The body of a child was found in a duffel bag, Correy Byrd, the boyfriend of the mother, was babysitting the child when he disappeared.
On tonight's show, talking about the mother, the word as spoken by Grace “mother” was dripping with sarcasm, and if the audience didn’t catch it, Grace said, and “And I use the term ‘Mother” very loosely in this case.”
The mother works all day at low wages. As a reporter commented, “I have been to her house, she is a good mother.”
This sent Grace into an angry tirade against the mother for dating a man with a criminal record.
This is typical of Grace.
A case is unfolding, and it does appear that the boyfriend had some involvement in the child’s death.
The mother is understandably distraught, she is poor, and black, and she obviously is in deep pain.
That is not enough for Grace however, Grace feels the need to completely smear and assassinate the mother’s character.
Nancy Grace once drove a young, female suspect in a child’s disappearance to commit suicide.
She is currently being sued for wrongul death as a result of her reprehensible actions. 
The mother in this case is a victim.
But to Grace she is evil incarnate.
To me, Nancy Grace is evil incarnate.
If you are interested in doing anything to remove this vicious person from TV, here is a great web site that might help:

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