Saturday, April 01, 2017

BREAKING NEWS......trump Resigns!

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over
At 8:00 P_M Eastern Time trump announced that he was resigning         
 "Being President is harder than anyone knew. It's much harder than spending my Dad's money.
It's harder than cheating employees out of their wages, it's harder than sitting  on your butt day after day, year after year, paying poor people to build things for me to put my name on. It's work, and anyone who knows me can tell you that I hate work more than negroes. Except for Obama. He thinks he's better than me just because he struggled to live the American Dream, and because he has a big vocabulary, and his ONE wife actually loves him and not his money. He is nothing. I cheated poor people out of their life savings. I cheated the taxpayers out of more money in a year than Obama made working and improving people's lives in his entire lifetime. He is a huge loser. How many times has he gone bankrupt after spending HIS Dad's money like a brainless idiot?
I was able to graduate from Princeton because my Daddy bank "donated" millions to the college. Obama worked his way through college. If I had had to pay for anything with my Dad's money I would be ashamed to show my orange face in public. Well, you had your chance, America. Next time you can elect a president who has  "compassion", who has "morals". See how that works for you.
So, farewell, chumps. If you'll excuse me, I got some orphanages and nursing homes to foreclose."

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