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Before Kanye West took over as the reigning king of Twitter, there wasCourtney Love. While West's tweets usually address his new album, his search for a Persian rug or his ever-increasing sense of his own awesomeness, Love's tweets are darker and smarter and more revealing (sometimes literally).
According to the Hollywood Reporter, they're also at the center of a potentially groundbreaking legal battle: Attorneys for Dawn Simorangkir, a fashion designer with whom Love had been squabbling, claim that some of Love's 2009 Simorangkir-related tweets were defamatory. The case is headed to trial in February.
In the meantime, Love is currently living in the UK and tweeting furiously about everything and everyone. We've waded through dozens of tweets about obscure British gentry and Winston Churchill's walking stick to find the gold within. Some of Love's latest and greatest tweets, decoded:
The tweet: no trouble, buy property, make art, babies be heroic everyday, get my stray sheparded into a school and rock some words.smoking too, surf?
The interpretation: This one was from December 31st, so we're guessing it's a New Year's resolution. The "stray" presumably refers to daughter Frances Bean
The tweet: oh my god, if i had had a college education none of the money would be stolen and my husband would be alive,. dont joke,
The interpretation:Self-explanatory.
(On Trent ReznorKe$ha and more, after the jump.)
The tweet: i guess they figure if they make enough trouble people will still kepp thinking im on drugs and insane despite that never really having been
The interpretation: With Love, there's always a shadowy "they." No sure who she's referring to here, though. Usually, it's lawyers.
The tweet: @Keshasuxx not slamming you, yr tall and pretty very tall and very pretty and i dont know what your here for. Fame itself? do you LIKE music
The interpretation Love has been on a Twitter campaign to save Ke$ha, from a lifetime of being...Ke$ha. Apparently, it isn't going so well.
The tweet: ok im going into the other room to watch "Gosford Park" did you know Julian Fellowes refused me as a friend on facebook?#FAIL
The interpretation: British people are mean.
The tweet: i dont mean to make russell mad but i watch his genesis and im so proud of him and i dont doubt he loves her, so?
The interpretation: Love had apparently been insulting Russell Brand's wife, Katy Perry.
The tweet no he [unrepeatable] me, it wa shim on my door, not the other way around, tho i waited 2 days in no b4 he came it was not,,,,great
The interpretation: Since this came in a flurry of Trent Reznor-related tweets, we think Courtney is saying that Reznor pursued her during their long-ago affair, that she waited for him in New Orleans and did not find the end result to be a satisfactory one.
The tweet: i think the washington post was really ridiculously harsh ive only ever seena nother review like that and it was insf, it was sexist & lame
The interpretation: We're guessing she was referring to this.
By Allison Stewart  | January 6, 2011; 12:08 PM ET
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