Saturday, January 08, 2011

People are dying because of Brewer Medicaid cuts

People are dying because of Brewer Medicaid cuts. 
More will die. 
Steven Daglas, a conservative Republican committeeman from Chicago, says this is outrageous, and he has, with a team of specialists, drafted 20 different ways of paying for the surgeries to save 98 lives that are currently at stake, without adding to Arizona's deficits, and Brewer refuses to look at the report. 

The choice is not freedom or slavery, it's not "second amendment" solutions or Communism. 
Obama is not a communist.
I've read his books. 
He is a capitalist. 
I hoped, although I didn't really expect, that he would be a great President. 
I think the reality of Obama is that he is a politician, and will do what he thinks will increase his chances to remain President. 
That's how it is with most politicians. 
I have known some, and I got the impression that their major concern was, always, keeping their job. 

I wish I had simple answers to all of our problems, particularly overpopulation, poverty, crime and violence . 
I wish I could just say, well, its the Republicans or the Democrats or the independents. 

I think the situation is complex, and beyond solution by slogans or icons or 
The bottom line though, is to gain factual knowledge of the situation we are in and have a goal for what a long term goal would be. 
My view, and I am trying to learn more, is that we live in an oligarchy. 
The oligarchy's concern is profit. 
I'm not saying that's bad, in and of itself, I'm just stating what seems to be a fact. 

If a country is run strictly as a corporate possession, and profit is the main purpose of the government's policies, there will be human problems and societal problems as a result. 
If 30 million people are unemployed and can't find a job, and don't have some type of safety net, and cannot get another job, there will be crime and violence. 
No doubt at all about that, is there?

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