Saturday, January 01, 2011

What Would A conservative Society Look Like?

Political Conservatism is one of the most harmful scams that pols have going.
Its essence is, "I got mine, too bad for you."
Now, that is not compatible with any Jewish philosophy that I am aware of, contrary to some statements.

The liberal beliefs, compassion, helping your fellow man, working together to promote the well being of all, concern about rights and equality of all, and not just the dwindling middle class and the wealthy, these are more closely aligned with Jewish beliefs than the "cut your losses"  "every man for himself"selfishness of the so called conservatives.

The man in the street conservative, in my (here very condensed view) is following the "conservative" beliefs because people want someone to blame for there worries and fears.
Conservatives choose a very easy target, poor people, minorities and "illegals", as well as politicians who support  compassion and aid to these groups

I do a lot of work that involves attempting to convince some liberals that Israel is the good guy in the ME.
That's obvious to all of us, but like conservative  followers, liberals are sometimes brainwashed by the media as well, and a certain portion of the liberal media is anti-Israel, particularly "Democracy Now".

The solution is to diligently seek the truth, and disseminate it.

If one does that, certain truths, such as, "As Americans we need to work to lift all Americans, and all people, to the extent we are able," are obvious.

I viewed a painting recently that visualizes the world if conservative principles are followed to their logical end, it depicts a shining city on a hill,. and the mass of the world's people basically subsisting below on the refuse and cast offs of the few remaining people of wealth.

That is definitely not the Jewish view of how thing should be.


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