Monday, January 10, 2011

"Tone down the rhetoric"

Some of us are turning this tragedy into a contest to see who can most successfully pin the blame on the other side's political affiliation.

It was in many ways a senseless tragedy.
A mentally ill man who may have been encouraged in his insanity by violent rhetoric.
The more we learn about the assassin , the more he appears to be an extremely disturbed individual, noticeably so.

Both sides should tone down the rhetoric.
The average Republican, the average Democrat, doesn't support violence in our politics.
The average American supports the same basic goals as any other average American.

If the American Empire crumbles, it will be in large part because the American people turn against each other as the "empire" crumbles

There are some things people on the left and the right are wrong about.
We should dicuss them factually, rather than emotionally.

Now if an Arab or Terrorist sympathizer comes here, it might be difficult to deal with them in that way, but I've found that they are fairly easy to defeat in debate because the facts are on our side, as long as we keep the debate logical rather than emotional.

 Maybe the ultimate meaning of the tragedy in Arizona will actually honor the memory of those killed in Texas.

Perhaps we should, "Tone down the rhetoric".

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